In Zimbabwe, R4S is engaged in one activity: 1) capturing COVID-19 adaptations to FP programs. These activities are part of the four R4S portfolios below. 

COVID-19 Portfolio

The COVID-19 Portfolio was developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. R4S designed and implemented studies aimed at capturing the pandemic’s impact on FP service delivery and use, as well as documenting and disseminating the lessons learned from program adaptations. Knowledge generated can be used to support mitigation strategies for COVID-19 and future epidemics and emergencies.  

As part of the activities under the COVID-19 Portfolio, in 2020 R4S began systematically documenting adaptations across eight FP programs in Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe and India using a qualitative approach. An Excel documentation tool captured a total of 64 adaptations over a six-month period. An interactive site was developed to showcase adaptations and experiences of eight family planning programs in five countries. Since its launch, the interactive site has received nearly 900 views from at least 37 countries. 

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