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Family Planning and COVID-19 Adaptations Briefs

Shortly after COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, the Research for Scalable Solutions (R4S) project began systematically documenting programmatic adaptations across eight different family planning projects at FHI 360, Population Services International, and Save the Children. These briefs present how each program adapted their approaches in response to the challenges of COVID-19 across three categories of […]

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Launch of the New Contraceptive-Induced Menstrual Changes Global Research & Learning Agenda

In Nov 2020, global stakeholders convened for an online technical consultation on contraceptive-induced menstrual changes (CIMCs). Since then, FHI 360 has convened a global, multidisciplinary CIMC Task Force to draft research and learning agendas focused on CIMCs around areas of particular interest, including: ​1) measurement​, 2) contraceptive R&D and biomedical research, 3) social-behavioral & user […]


Exploring Interest in Self-Care Approaches Among Youth: Survey Findings from Nepal and Uganda

Lauren Mitchell, Implementation Science Fellow, FHI 360 In Nepal and Uganda, as in many low- and middle-income countries, youth remain a hidden population in family planning (FP) programs, as cultural, religious, and legal issues may hinder their access to contraceptive information and services. However, demographic survey data shows that youth are sexually active. By age 18, 48% and 62% of women have experienced sexual debut in Nepal1 and Uganda,2 respectively.  Self-care strategies may be especially appealing to […]


Highlights from “The Scoop on Scale: Reflections from our Government Partners” meeting from the Systematic Approaches to Scale-up of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Best Practices Community of Practice

The most recent meeting of the Systematic Approaches to Scale-up of Family Planning (FP) and Reproductive Health (RH) Best Practices Community of Practice highlighted government voices on scale-up. The topic came from community of practice (COP) members, and the meeting was designed as a listening session to yield deeper understanding of on-the-ground experience with scale-up. […]

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Uganda Takes Last Policy Step to Expand Family Planning Method Mix in Drug Shops

Tracy Orr, Senior Technical Officer, FHI 360 Frederick Mubiru, Technical Advisor, FHI 360 Victoria Lebrun, Research Associate, FHI 360 Uganda’s National Drug Authority has approved the expansion of family planning services that drug shop operators can provide to include injectable contraceptives, both the intramuscular (IM) and innovative subcutaneous (SC) forms of depot medroxyprogesterone acetate (DMPA). […]

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You’re Invited to Join the FP/RH Scale-Up Community of Practice!

Find out how to join us in this post!

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Advancing equity to support UHC: Tools and approaches for #NextGenFP

Event summary for the ICFP side sesssion from FHI 360 and R4S titled “Advancing equity to support UHC: Tools and approaches for #NextGenFP”.
Aired on February 3, 2021

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2020: An Adaptation Crash Course

IBP partners are using StoryMaps to visualize the trials and tribulations of a pandemic year in family planning.

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Maintaining High Impact Practices During a Pandemic: Fast-tracking the Adoption of Digital Tools in Family Planning Programs

PSI shares experiences and lessons learned as part of R4S-funded documentation of FP program adaptations made during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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A World Contraception Day without precedent highlights the need for data on COVID-19 and family planning

This Saturday, September 26th, marks the 13th annual global campaign known as World Contraception Day, or #WCD2020 to social media users. The mission of the day is to improve awareness of available family planning methods and enable young people to make informed decisions about their reproductive health.