FP/RH Equity Working Group 

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The Family Planning/Reproductive Health (FP/RH) Equity Working Group works to advance thought leadership, collaboration and foster peer-to-peer learning in the field of equity in FP/RH. The Working Group is intended to represent a diverse range of knowledge, experience, perspectives and countries. As such, membership is comprised of a multi-disciplinary group of implementers, researchers, donors, and community actors within the global public health and international development sectors. The Working Group is governed by a Steering Committee, and the R4S project serves as Secretariat. For a compilation of resources related to FP/RH equity, please click here.

FP/RH Equity Working Group membership is open to all.

Priorities of the FP/RH Equity Working Group include: 

  1. Develop consensus around, and advance and promote a mutual and universal understanding of, equity in FP/RH by establishing and sharing common definitions and measures.  
  2. Identify gaps in equity in the FP/RH knowledge base and seek to fill those gaps by facilitating knowledge sharing between organizations and governments, including Ministries of Health, and by synthesizing and broadly disseminating research, program evaluations, lessons learned, evidence-based approaches, and other tools and resources as they emerge.  
  3. Develop new resources and practical tools to guide the uptake of evidence-based approaches in both routine and non-standard data collection, to advance equity in FP/RH around the globe. 


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