You’re Invited to Join the FP/RH Scale-Up Community of Practice!

Find out how to join us in this post!

R4S is committed to inclusive dialogue and invites you to help shape the Systematic Approaches to FP/RH Scale-Up Community of Practices’ (COP) future. To that end, the COP conveners have a few requests:

  • Take this three-minute survey to voice your opinion on topics for future discussions and events, frequency of meetings, and more. Your thoughts via e-mail are also welcome.
  • Save the date: March 2, 9:00 am EST will be the first COP meeting of the year. Join us by registering here!
  • Join the COP on the IBP Xchange, subscribe to the listserv, and invite your colleagues to join. The COP’s rich library is being transitioned from E2A to the IBP Xchange site. This will be a community work space to share resources, thoughts, and connection.

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